Sunday, October 12, 2008

Organic Roasted Vegetable Bisque

I made this for an organic potluck on Friday night and was warmly welcomed when I arrived with my giant pot, steaming with delicious aromas.

Start by peeling and roughly chopping carrots, red bell peppers, red onions and a big chunk of a pink banana pumpkin or butternut squash. Drizzle with olive oil and wine and roast while you prepare the rest.

In a huge pot, brown chopped shallots and garlic cloves in wine, rum and a knob of butter. Add sweet corn kernels, a jar or two of preserved tomatoes/tomato sauce and a few more generous sploshes of wine and rum. When the veggies are nicely roasted, add them to the pot and start the puréeing.

Add cream, milk and/or water in desired amounts to thin this now very thick bisque and salt and peppar to taste. I roasted organic salmon fillets with rum as well and placed a few big beautiful pink chunks into each bowl. Bon appétit!

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