Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gala Dinner by Gastronomy Studio Era 10:3

Thursday was a big gala night in Helsingborg and I was so thrilled to find that the whole dinner showcased organic and local food.

The talented Tobias och Ulrica Millqvist of Gastronomy Studio Era 10:3 pulled it off brilliantly, no suprise considering that Tobias captured the silver in Sweden's National Chef of the Year Championship last year and made it into the top six as a finalist this year. The Millqvists have created a mecca for wine tastings, chocolate tastings, and cooking classes and experiences near Båstad, Sweden, the (in)famous beach town which hosts the Swedish Open.

I loved everything about the food (organic, local, delicious) and was also completely won over by the genuine concern and care they showed for us troublesome sorts with food allergies.

I translated the menu for your vicarious tasting pleasure:
Char with Kattvik Apples, Parsely Root, and Spicy Spinach Purée
Fillet of Bjäre Chicken with Sea Buckthorn Berries and Kale
Terrine of Venison with Prunes, Thyme and Pumpkin Mousse
Air-Dried Wild Boar Ham, Chantrelles, Carrots and Scanian Mustard
Anya Potatoes with Cream of Ceps and Chives
Oatmeal Bread with Traditional Swedish Bread Spices and Sour Butter
Chocolate Mousse, Blueberry Compote and Rosehip Lemon Crumble

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