Saturday, October 11, 2008

Organic Caramelized Pear & Camembert Salad

This is one of those delightful 'warm' salads I discovered on a lazy weekend when I couldn't be bothered to go shopping. I had a peck of organic pears from my Årstiderna's delivery on Thursday and a lonely little round of organic camembert in the refrigerator. I googled "pear and camembert" to learn from those who have gone before me if there was something more interesting to do with them than just eat them slice by fresh, creamy slice together.

I found all kinds of recipes pairing these two favorites, including a stuffing for pork tenderloin, a topping for potato pancakes and sandwiches and fillings for savory pies, but I fell for the idea of a pear camembert salad.

This is so easy! Simply slice your pears and sautée them briefly in a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Lay slices of camembert over the pears in the pan until they just begin to melt and then toss the whole with a flavorful lettuce (I used argula) and salt and pepper it to taste. You could even improvise/improve this salad by adding onions, walnuts, basil, thyme, cloves, and more, more, more...bon appétit!

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Quail said...

I've just found Corpus Bon vivant and am totally in love with it. I support organic, local and fairtrade food and making things from scratch. Recently my husband and I went out for a really posh lunch and he said afterwards: "You know, I prefer home-cooked, proper organic food than eating out." I thought that was sweet of him to say that about my cooking!!!