Sunday, September 28, 2008

Organic Creamy French Potato Salad

Summer is definitely over in Sweden now but we took advantage of a sunny day recently to have one last barbecue on the terrace. I love homemade potato salad and I have always used my mom's recipe but since I really committed myself to buying only organic ingredients that has been a little tricky. Things like organic mayonnaise and pickles are not widely available over here (no Whole Foods in Sweden yet but we do have Goodness) and anyway I'm just not happy buying things that I can make from scratch at home.

To make it easy I didn't stop to make mayonnaise or pickles but just combined all those good flavors right in to the potato salad and it was ready in less than 30. M had these yummy organic chorizos (from Swedish Änglamark) grilled to perfection by then. Bon appétit!

Organic Creamy French Potato Salad

Set your chopped potatoes (peeled too, if it pleases you) to boil in well-salted water and get an egg ready to throw in for coddling with them during the last 5 minutes or so of cooking.

While you wait for the potatoes to cook, mix diced red onion and cucumber with a big generous soup spoonful of a really thick and creamy, Turkish-style organic yogurt and another of organic french wholegrain mustard. Splosh over olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. (If you live in Sweden you can get all of these ingredients delivered to your door from Mossagården or pick them up Goodness in Helsingborg.)

Rinse your potatoes and the now soft-boiled or coddled egg in cold water. Drain the potatoes. Peel and chop the egg up a little and put it all together in the bowl of dressing ingredients. I like the egg yolk to still be slightly gooey, making for a very creamy dressing with a beautiful lemon yellow color. Pretty power works on food too!


The Lunch Lady said...

I love potato salad, this looks delicious! I wish I could have groceries delivered to my door!! Not where I live in the US. I like to cook and eat as organically as possible too.

Laurel Williams said...

Hillary: Thanks - will do.
Hannah: I have used Diamond Organics to have veggies, fruit, wine, and cheeses sent to my family back in the US. I think they deliver all over the country from their base in California. You can sign up for a once a week/month subscription or just order one every now and then. I recently sent one to my dear little sister for her birthday and the produce, and recipes that were included, got rapturous reviews! :-)

Heather T. said...

Absolutely delicious. Thanks!